Episode 48 The Zebisode Part 1

This week the party is joined by R.P.G. royalty, Zeb Cook. He was one of the original staff members of T.S.R. ( the company that created D&D) and has worked on Numerous table top R.P.G.s and a few MMORPGs including City of Heroes and Elder Scrolls online!

Episode 047 Turning Jimpanese

This week the party foils an abduction, gets their asses handed to them and basically throws a dire rat into a wood chipper. We also bid fairwell to our guest, The Duchess of Rock, 98 rock radio personality Amelia Ryerse!

Episode 46 Weird Al Jolson

This Week the Odd Company has an awkward run in with the Weird Fellowship at the ball and we are joined by Baltimore’s Duchess of Rock. 98 Rock Radio Personality, Amelia Ryerse!

and since Holy John’s Charisma is only 8 this may as well be what he looks like

Episode 45 Ballroom Blitz

Oh man! This week we are at our Laughfinderest, The Odd Company prepares  for an assassination attempt and in the real world Aaron Raps accompanied by Dorian beatboxing with our guest, Comedian, Improvisor and fellow podcastor Josh Kuderna. If you ever listen to any one episode DO NOT MISS THIS ONE!

Episode 044 Jim Made Me Change The Title

This week The Odd Company Deals with the aftermath of the Roundears fight with Barsool’s men and we are joined by the super talented, Improvisor, Comedian and Host of the Digression Sessions podcast, Josh Kuderna!

Episode 039 The Weird Fellowship

This week the Odd Company meets the Pro Human Political figure, Elder Brenmeyer and his Oddly familiar cohorts. We also bid a fond fairwell to WMUC DJ , Creator of “The Daily bestiary”, and Author Of an article in this months Pathfinder Adventure Path (#118), Patchen Mortimer.