Episode 040 The White Spots Under His Titties

This week we unveil Dorian’s Custom GM Screen, the Odd Company Gets an indecent proposal and we are joined by our guest, Engineer and Live Action Role Player, Jose Santiago!

Episode 039 The Weird Fellowship

This week the Odd Company meets the Pro Human Political figure, Elder Brenmeyer and his Oddly familiar cohorts. We also bid a fond fairwell to WMUC DJ , Creator of “The Daily bestiary”, and Author Of an article in this months Pathfinder Adventure Path (#118), Patchen Mortimer.

Episode 038 Visit The Owl Bear Museum, It’s A Hoot.

This week the party fights an undead beast and discovers a lead as to where the Rising Vermin are getting them. This weeks guest is The voice of WMUC, the Creator of The Daily Bestiary and Author of an article Pathfinder Adventure Path 118: Ironfang Invasion Chapter 4: Siege of Stone ( found here http://tinyurl.com/y9df6kdj ) Patchen Mortimer!

Episode 037 It Takes a Tough Man To Make a Tender Chicken.

Why did the Chicken cross the monk? Find out this week when the gang takes on the Rising Vermin and we say goodbye to our guest, #1 Orioles Superfan, Romeo Santos!

Episode 035 Dick’s Beer

This Week The Party heads back to town to get some information, Check on our Money train and we find out what Furs the goblin has been doing in our absence.we also say goodbye to Comedian and entrepreneur,  Sean Savoy.

Episode 034 You Take The Good, You Take The Bad.

This week the company battles a group of ill fated adventures lead by Nora Nox. Plus, we are joined by Comedian Sean Savoy. NOTE: We screwed up our air dates when recording this one and are taking like it’s May 2nd.  What a bunch of Rubes.

Episode 033 The Curse of the Black Pearl

This week The Odd Company fights a Demon and yes, we asked Holy John if he knew him. We also bid farewell to our guest, Modern day raconteur and writer for The Guardian, Baynard Woods.

Episode 032 M.T.H.P.

WOO! we are giving you guys a New Intro AND Things get Shwifty as the party tries to question a Roachmen Turncoat. This week we are joined by our guest, Modern day raconteur and writer for The Guardian, Baynard Woods!