Episode 031 All Dogs Go To Heaven

Accents, Explosions, and Face Collecting abound as Holy John, Arcane, and Wren investigate Darsool’s Dog Kennel. we also bid farewell to our guest, Improviser and one of the founders of the Charm City Comedy Project, Megan Wills

Episode 030 Just Like The White Winged Dove

Stand back Listeners! This week the party splits up ( an RPG no-no) as some guard Lennick and others help… DARSOOL?! This week we are joined by Improviser, and one of the Creators of the Charm City Comedy Project, Megan Wills!

Episode 027 Talk’n Dead

This Week the gang gets Chatty with a corpse and does some good Ol’ Fashion Super Sleuthing before we say goodbye to this weeks guest, Computer Programer and Founder of The Baltimore Improv Group, Mike Subelsky.


Episode 026 The Explosive Return! Season Premiere!

We are back! Previous Guest, and National Public Radio Rock God  Aaron Henkin, Joins the party this season as the Mysterious cleric, Wilhelm Wardicus. We Join the Odd company a year after the events of last season and things certainly kick it off with a bang. We also welcome our guest Mike Subelsky, computer Programer and founder of the Baltimore Improv Group. So Buckle Up Kiddies cause we are shaking bones on this weeks episode of Laughfinder!

Episode 025 A Baker’s Doesn’t SEASON FINALE


Well gang, it has all come down to this. Its the Season Finale of Laughfinder! Join us this week as questions are answered and new ones arise! We bid farewell to our guest Bunny Themelis and an even more heart breaking farewell to Co-Host Collin Baker as he moves off to L.A. See you all in March for Season two!


Episode 022 The Boys are back in town


This week the gang partakes in their favorite pass time, trying to figure out what to do with the living bad guys when the fight is over.  This we we are joined by our guest, Voice actor , Musician and one of the founders of the ThunderGrunt Podcast Network Rex Anderson