Episode 020 Laughfinder Level 5


Awwwwwwww yeah, we are back after a month long hiatus! The party is level 5 now and it’s getting Crazy! This week we are joined by Co-Founder / Producer of The Stoop Storytellers series as well as Podcastor, radio personality and U.C.B. alum Jessica Myles Henkin! Oh,  and we fight The Towering Titaness, The Queen of Clubs.


Bonus Content 002 Stand up from Laughfinder Live!


Whew, well if you are hearing this episode the transfer to the new podcast hosting site was a success! We are gearing up to release the new episode, Laughfinder: Level Five, on November 22nd. Until then please enjoy some stand’m up comedy from the live show featuring Dorian Grey and Ben Hancock!

Bonus Content 001 – Stand-Up from Laughfinder Live


Hey Gang! While we are on hiatus we didn’t want to leave you high and dry till the new episode on November 22nd. So we are giving you all bonus content in the form of the stand-up we did the night of the live show. So enjoy the comedy of Bryan Preston and Collin Baker!